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There have been no studies that have demonstrated any harm from reiki, it is always safe and will not harm as it can only bring positive effects. Crystal healing is also a natural, gentle and safe healing practice suitable for everyone, however based on your current health, certain precautions may have to be taken into consideration, but these will be discussed with you prior to the treatment on completion of the consultation form.

No, reiki and crystals can support and maintain health and wellness, so treatments can be a good preventative measure.

Reiki, angel and crystal healing are ‘clothes-on’ therapies so there is no removal of clothes apart from your coat and shoes. I recommend wearing loose, comfortable clothing and removing any tight belts, heavy jewellery or glasses that may make you feel uncomfortable during the treatment. You may also have a sheet or blanket draped over you to keep you warm and comfortable.

Because the purpose of Reiki and Crystal healing is to increase your own self-healing abilities by relaxing the body, removing blockages and bringing your energy back into balance, treatments have a positive effect and are helpful for any sort of ailment – physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. In healing we believe that problems arise due to energy blockages caused by negative thinking, lifestyle choices, ongoing treatments, stress and an attitude of not loving yourself; reiki and crystals perceive the whole self and so work on every level to unblock and rebalance your energy system to bring you back to wholeness. Reiki and crystal therapies are used by people for a variety of reasons; alongside conventional medical care, they can help them to manage or cope with a specific physical, mental or emotional problem, others use as a means of relaxation, or to help maintain good health and a sense of general wellbeing. I will always work for your highest good in healing and provide the space for the healing to occur; at the very least you will enjoy an hour of relaxation on the therapy couch, at the very most it could change your life as it could have lasting effects if you also look at ways of helping yourself.

Each treatment session is tailored to your own individual needs, so the experience of reiki or crystal therapy varies from person to person. However as commonly reported, during the treatment you may experience deep relaxation, slight energy sensations such as tingling, pulsing of energy, warmth or coolness, you may see colours, you may have a rumbling stomach or yawn, you may fall asleep or you may feel nothing at all. Whatever you do or don’t feel is absolutely fine for you as your experience is unique and the reiki and crystals are still working. All of the above reactions are normal and are positive signs that your energy is responding and rebalancing. Basically, it is an hour of time out for yourself to relax and be cocooned in the loving, healing energy of reiki, angels and crystals, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, balanced, relaxed and more positive in your outlook. The effects may continue for a few hours to a few days after treatment and you may feel tired after the session as the body’s natural healing response is activated.    

Most of the time a person will feel better after the treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, however the application of reiki and crystal therapy helps to raise your energetic vibration which assists the release of toxins that have been stored in the body and as the body is undergoing this healing process you may experience some short-term discomfort such as headache, stomach ache or tiredness before relief. This is actually a very positive sign that the body is cleansing and healing and I will discuss with you what you may experience after the treatment along with some beneficial aftercare advice, such as drinking plenty of water and resting.

Healing means bringing the body, mind and spirit back into harmony; everybody’s experience will be different, but some level of benefit will be derived from each treatment provided the practitioner has had appropriate training. Some people will notice an obvious shift after one session, however results can be very subtle and gentle and healing can have a delayed effect in the body which means you won’t feel a difference for a few days, some people may notice gradual changes over a longer period of time as the healing unfolds. Everyone heals in the best and most unique way to them; reiki, angels and crystals infuse your energy field with positive energy so whether you notice the difference or not, your energy will be rebalancing and healing deep within. Reiki and crystals will always work, but your own belief systems and expectations will play a part, as will the energetic state of your body – some bodies will require energetic detoxing and unblocking before the therapy starts to take effect. There may be protective emotional or mental barriers to gently dismantle before the healing can begin. In some cases, if healing does not occur, the incarnated soul may be using the illness as a means of learning a life lesson or acquiring a certain skill such as compassion, here crystals will support the soul during this experience, but another modality may be more beneficial to you in this case.

You do not need to believe in the effectiveness of Reiki or crystals for them to work, you just need to be open to positive change as if you are very resistant it is harder to penetrate your energetic shield, but universal energy exists independently of someone’s belief systems or core values.

Yes absolutely, ideally you should arrange your treatment when you have some downtime afterwards so you can fully integrate the healing energy. You could meditate, ground yourself by going for a walk or just being outside in nature, you should also drink plenty of water to assist the detox of your physical and energetic body that the reiki or crystals have initiated. Basically, just pay attention to your body and give it what it needs.

No Reiki is not a religion, but Reiki energy is spiritual in nature. It doesn’t require a belief system in order to use it, just an openness and readiness to heal, therefore anyone of any background, religion, belief and society can choose to receive Reiki energy if they feel drawn to it.

As the client you are responsible for your own wellbeing so the amount and frequency of sessions you have is your decision, however we can discuss and review this together. As a guide, every 2 weeks is ideal for treating a specific issue, monthly is perfect for maintenance, or you may choose to treat yourself once in a while. You are free to pick your appointments when you most feel like you need them.

You can reschedule or cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your treatment, however for no-shows the full treatment fee will be charged.


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